2269 First Avenue Blends Old School Architecture With Modern Design


Once standing as an old school building at the corner of First Avenue and 117th Street, the former P.S. 85 is converting to a residential building that also contains ground floor space for parking. It has been vacant since the early 90s and is under development by Acuity Capital Partners.

The century-old building was originally designed by C.B.J Snyder. Snyder is widely known for his transformation of the school building design and construction process. He implemented the first “H-Plan” school design in the city in 1898.

2269 First Avenue’s new transformation is an original design of Isaac & Stern Architects, which showcases a blend of old and modern architecture with a contemporary glass addition. The architect is adding another 4 floors of residential space to take advantage of additional air rights.

With 71,000 buildable square feet on site, the structure is expected to contain 69,000 square feet of residential space. In addition, the ground floor will use 4,000 square feet for residential parking.

2269 First Avenue was purchased in September 2005 for just over $11 million. A completion date has yet to be announced.

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