For Sellers

  • Prepare confidential comparative market evaluations to give you a clear picture of the fair market value of your property.
  • Provide extensive information on competing properties so you can understand how we will position your piece of real estate in the marketplace.
  • Experienced assistance in referring you to attorneys and other necessary professionals you may require during the transaction process.
  • Expose your property to a substantial number of qualified buyers using various methods including social media, web properties and print.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best terms possible on your contract.
  • Work closely with all parties involved in the transaction including cooperative real estate agents and financing professionals.
  • Give you extensive and knowledgeable feedback about your property to ensure the most efficient transaction completion timeframe.

For Buyers

  • Complete thorough comparative market analysis on potential properties to ensure you never overpay.
  • Prepare an extensive market condition analysis so you understand up-to-the minute market information which will help you make a well planned offer.
  • Help you to formulate offers that make sense for your situation but will have the best chances to get accepted.
  • Assist in the referral and selection of other needed professionals including attorneys and mortgage lenders.
  • Provide you with expert guidance throughout the process so you are never unsure of your next step.
  • Negotiate the best terms possible for you.